Moving Day Checklist

  • Post Office, provide a forwarding address.
  • Credit card companies and financial organizations.
  • Subscriptions (several weeks notice recommended).
  • Friends and relatives.
  • Colleagues or business associates.
  • Membership organizations or church affiliations.
  • Notify gas, electric, and telephone companies of transfer or
  • Water utilities are handled by the title company or closing agent in
    most locations. Verify the process with your closer and call water
    companies only as needed.
  • Transfer or cancel account services such as cable or dish networks, security system(s), internet providers, etc.
  • Stop or revise delivery for services such as laundry, newspaper, milk,trash, recycling, etc.
  • Medical, Dental, and Prescription Histories:
  • Ask your physician, dentist, or other healthcare professional for referrals to new providers.
  • Transfer prescriptions for medications, eyeglasses, or contacts.
  • Obtain original or copies of your medical or birth records.
  • Transfer funds, and establish an account(s) in the new location.
  • Verify bank locations and withdrawal procedures.
  • Obtain Cashier’s check for closing real estate transactions or verify if a wire transfer is required (as needed).
  • Insurance:
  • Notify the insurance company of the move and discuss coverage needs including home, life, health, fire, and auto.
  • Empty refrigerator and freezer, plan food usage.
  • Defrost freezer and clean refrigerator.
  • Clean rugs, furniture and clothing to wrap and pack securely.
  • Personally wrap and pack your fragile valuables to reduce risk of damage by movers.
  • Check with your moving company on details such as insurance protection, packing services, packing, pickup and delivery dates and times, shipping documents, method and time of expected payment, and plan for special care of pets or vehicles
  • Carry jewelry, and small valuables, and documents yourself or ship by registered mail or overnight delivery carrier.
  • Pack clothing and toiletries needed for travel. Depending on the distance of the move, it may be some time before you can access packed items.
  • Have cash or traveler’s checks available to cover incidentals encountered during travel.
    When transporting pets, be sure to have the necessary items for them to be comfortable in the move. Food, water, medication, and special toys help make the move a more pleasant one for your pet too.
  • Share your travel itinerary with friends, colleagues, or family for security, including any overnight stops. Personal safety is your primary concern.
  • Double-check all cabinets, closets, drawers, shower, and bath areas, and storage units to make sure you’ve removed all personal items. Don’t forget to look up to make sure all items have been removed from the walls too.
  • Talk with your real estate professional about keys and garage door openers for the property. They can provide you with advice on delivery to the new owner.
  • Leave appliance manuals and applicable warranty information on the property.
  • Turn off lights, and close and lock all doors.
  • Many people keep a camera available for last-minute photos or documentation of the move.
  • Check on service installation for utilities such as gas, electricity, telephone, water, cable, internet, trash, etc.
  • Check items in the home such as pilot light, heating or air-conditioning, and hot water heater.
  • Contact the local postal branch to check for mail that may have been held until your arrival.
  • Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to update the address on your driver’s license.
  • Apply for a new license if needed.
  • Visit city or county offices and register for voting.
  • Register your car if arriving in a new state and identify what your transfer or license fees may be in that state.
  • Register in your new place of worship.
  • If you have children, register for the local school as early as possible.
  • Schedule appointments with medical or dental providers. Previous referrals from care providers may be helpful.

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